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Muslim Holy Land Tour

Tour Highlights

G2 Israel is proud to offer a tour dedicated to the Muslim faith and Islamic heritage in the Holy Land. Our tour includes well-known pilgrimage sites and awe-inspiring shrines and historical places. Islamic history is brought to life as you travel around the country.

Travel on your own personal spiritual journey as you visit the sites and shrines important to Islam.

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, one of the Holy cities for Muslims.

Enjoy the relaxing, ethereal atmosphere of the unique Dead Sea.

Maghrib and Isha prayers at the al-Aqsa Mosque.

Visit Hebron and Bethlehem to see the burial places of the Prophets and the birthplace of the Prophet Issa (PBUH).

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Detailed Program

Day 1

Ben Gurion Airport / Tel Aviv

The group will be met and assisted at Ben Gurion airport and then we will drive through the modern city of Tel Aviv to Maqam Sidna Ali, located on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The mosque was originally a 13th-century Mameluk construction built in honor of one of Saladin’s Lieutenants who fought bravely against the Crusaders and died in a battle on the hill on which the mosque now stands. Feel the special energy from the shrine which is now housed within the building.

After checking into the hotel, you will have the afternoon to explore Tel Aviv,  ‘the city that never sleeps’, at your leisure.

Dinner and Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 2

Acre / Sea Of Galilee / Tiberias

We leave Tel Aviv today and travel along the Mediterranean coast to the oriental ancient port city of Acre. The city has been shaped by the Romans, Ottomans, Crusaders, Mamelukes, Byzantines, and British so you can imagine what fascinating historical stories the walls and fortresses have to tell. After entering the Old City, through the thick walls that symbolize the Islamic victory over the “Emperor” Napoleon Bonaparte, we visit the very well-preserved “Knights’ Halls” which were buried under the Muslim city.  We will also visit the Turkish “Hamam” (baths) where a state-of-the-art audiovisual show leads you through its different rooms, bringing alive the sights and sounds of the Hamam in its heyday. Both above these sites and surrounding the area we will discover the delightful oriental Bazaar with its colors and aromas of the East. We will go on to visit and pray at the glorious Al Jazzar Mosque, which has become one of the symbols of the city. Here we will find the Sha'r an-Nabi, a lock of hair from the beard of the Prophet Muhammad.  

We head on towards the Mountains of Galilee and stop near the “Horns of Hattin”, overlooking the blue Sea of Galilee, where Salach-e-Din had his glorious victory over the Crusaders. We will visit the Tomb of Nabi Shuaib (Jethro), the father-in-law of Nebi Moussa, who helped him in fighting the infidel Midianites, and fled from them to hide in this cave. This place is also a very holy place for the Druze.

We end the day in Tiberias, located on the shores of the beautiful Sea of Galilee.

Dinner & Overnight:  Tiberias

Day 3

Jerusalem Old City

Today we will travel to Jerusalem and our first stop will be at Beisan in the Jordan Valley (Beth Shean) . According to Hadith, a sign of the coming of Ad-Dajjal (The Deceiver) would be when the palm-trees in Beisan bear no fruit.

The Holy City of Jerusalem awaits. After driving south we will arrive in Jerusalem and head straight for the Old City, home to several key sites of religious importance. Naturally, the highlight will be our visit to Noble Sanctuary hosting Islam's third holiest site, the al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Dome of the Rock, a seventh-century structure believed to be where the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. You will have time to admire the amazing architecture and pray.

We will go on to visit the Omar Mosque and on the way enjoy the sights and sounds of the oriental bazaar - admire the wares, taste the delicacies, and smell the spices.

After viewing the Dome of the Rock up close, we’ll climb to the top of the Mount of Olives and see the Dome as part of the splendid panoramic view of the Holy City. Our tour also gives us an opportunity to visit the spiritually significant sites of Makam Rab’a Adaweyah , Prophet Daoud (PBUH), Makam Salman Alfarisi & Makam Rabia Basri.

Dinner and Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 4

Jericho /Jerusalem

Today we will travel to Jericho and on our way, we will visit Makam Prophet Musa (PBUH). This is a splendid example of early Islamic architecture set in an awe-inspiring landscape

Next, Jericho, a green oasis near the Jordan River, which is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and home to important Islamic sites of interest.

A short drive then takes us to the famed Dead Sea - this incredible natural phenomenon is the lowest, saltiest body of water on earth. We will take in the relaxing, ethereal atmosphere of the area and then return to Jerusalem in time to pray Maghreb & Isha at the al-Aqsa Mosque.

Dinner and Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 5

Hebron / Bethlehem

We start our day in Hebron to visit Al Masjid Al Ibrahimi and Makam Prophet Younis (PBUH) and then on to Bethlehem, the biblical birthplace of Prophet Issa (PBUH). The birth is marked by an inlaid silver star in the Grotto under the Church of the Nativity. Next to this sacred site we find the Manger Square with the 15th-century church of St. Catherine and the Mosque of Omar.

Dinner and Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 6

Jerusalem / Ben Gurion Airport

Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for your return flight home.

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