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Community Involvement Program

We suggest a 6 night/7 day program combining 1 night in Tel Aviv 1 night in the Negev desert and 4 nights Jerusalem.

Some of the program’s highlights:

Tel Aviv:

The "Nalaga’at" Center in Old Jaffa that currently employs 70 people, most of whom are deaf, blind or deaf-blind. We will have wine tasting at the Blackout restaurants, and lunch at the dairy restaurant serviced by deaf waiters.A visit at the Center will change the way you think, the way you feel, the way you are.

The Negev Desert Area:

Wind desert - The first comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation community in the Negev for recovering drug addicts. Desert Spirit Village aims to enable graduates to re-join the community after developing social and vocational tools. Each member will stay at the village for around one year.

The Desert Shanti Youth Village was officially opened on 23 November 2009. It comprises a multi-disciplinary village for youth at risk. Their aim is to provide a solution to the serious problem of youth at risk in Israel’s south and increase the scope of the Tel Aviv Shanti House’s therapeutic tools.

The sites and sounds of the Negev- Kfar Hanokdim with camel riding and  Neve Midbar for a desert lunch with a spa treatment.


Yad Sarah is the largest voluntary organization in Israel. It provides free or nominal charged services  for the sick, hurt and disabled as well as equipment for the elderly  and their families. We will volunteer in this project for 1-2 hours and meet the people who dedicate their time to this important part of Israel.

A Friday night "Shabbat of a Lifetime program"- Experience an authentic Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath) evening at the Western Wall and dinner at the home of a family in the heart of Jerusalem. Shabbat of a Lifetime participants receive an informative introduction to Shabbat

"Leket Israel" is a project that serves as the country's largest food rescue network working to ensure that Israel's poor and hungry are fed nutritional healthy food on a regular basis. In 2013, with the help of 45,000 volunteers, Leket Israel distributed over 25 million tons of produce and perishable goods and 1 million prepared meals.

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